The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast is, in my opinion, the absolute best horror podcast available. For the first few seasons, the producer David Cummings relied on materials only found on the NoSleep Reddit forum, but eventually began incorporating short horror stories from other places as well. Because he was paying for marketing, hosting, and narrating costs out of his own pocket, Mr. Cummings had to start charging for “full season passes” at the beginning of season 3. While these season passes would unlock a TON of new stories and a bunch of bonus episodes, he still continued to offer free episodes and stories for those who couldn’t afford the $19.99 season pass cost.

In my opinion, David Cummings is one of the absolute best narrators of horror stories EVER, and even if you can’t afford the season passes, you should definitely check out the podcast and tune in to stories. They are the best horror stories in podcast form available; trust me, I’ve tried nearly all of them out. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you want to know what my favorite NoSleep stories are!

You can find The NoSleep Podcast here:

I wish that I was being compensated for providing this information, but I’m not that cool. Instead, I’m just sharing what I love.