The Conjuring 2 (2016)

IMDB Rating: 7.6

My Rating: 5.2

I gave this movie a 5.2 because it had some pretty creepy parts, but mostly because it started off with the Warren’s investigating the Amityville Horror scene. Those first 5 minutes or so were probably the best part of the whole film. the scariest and best scenes were with the Scary Ass Nun, and unfortunately, none of that fit in with the “true plot” of the movie. The actual plot SUCKED ASS and, as shown by further research, was mostly proved false anyway. Such a disappointment.


Scary Ass Nun was awesomely creepy, and was probably the only creepy part of the whole movie. The other parts, also known as the plot, was based on the supposed Enfield poltergeist, in which a family was haunted by something in their home in London. I personally did a lot of research on it and it was a major disappointment, especially because the child who was supposedly being haunted admitted that she made a bunch of the shit up. Blah.

Anyways, haunted house/family, creepy old dude (supposedly), and the residual haunting for Lorraine Warren of the Scary Ass Nun from the Amityville investigation. Awesome.


The nun was pretty scary, for reals.

Other scary parts included the child doing some awkward twisty un-human like movements:


And that was about it.


This movie was FAR better than the new Blair Witch, but it was still kind of a disappointment. Check it out if you like the basic idea of the Warrens, but don’t expect much in terms of plot. The nun is the best part of it all.