South Carolina Clowns

This is some true life creepy shit.

Apparently throughout South Carolina, there have been some sightings of clowns hanging out in forests or woods, sometimes trying to lure children to them. Yeah, just the thought of it is scary as fuck.

Now, there has been some speculation that the clowns could be marketing ploy for the new Rob Zombie movie, 31, but apparently the studio has denied any involvement. There was also some speculation that it was a promo for the new Stephen King “It” movie coming out in 2017, but OMG, who even knew about that one, but yay!!

Apparently the clown sightings have now spread throughout multiple states, and only get creepier. The police are issuing warnings, people are freaked out, guys are chasing them down with machetes. If this is a marketing ploy, I’d say that’s pretty bold of them but damn. If it isn’t, this is some for real scary shit.

The only “authentic”(and I use that term lightly) image that I could find online is this one:


There’s a bunch of other creepy ones if you Google “South Carolina Clown Pictures”, but of course, most of them come from the old “It” movie. Because of this, though, I found out that there is an upcoming 2017 new “It” remake, so again can we all rejoice in that??