Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is the first of the “Zero” game trilogy. As the first game, it was the oldest, and so naturally I played it last after completing the other two games. It’s definitely a bit “older” feeling, as shown with the graphics, but i loved the series so much that I just had to play the game.

I’m not sure if the “Zero” games are horror per se, but oh my gosh. They are so good. They’ve all got that complete mind fuck ting going on, plus there are definitely some creepy parts, so I guess that they qualify.

The story line is just incredible. As I played this game after completing the last two, I found myself Googling certain tidbits of info and found myself mind blown. OMG. And even upon replaying the second game (yes, I replayed Virtue’s Last Reward after completing this game), I still found myself referring to google and again finding some super OMG moments.

This isn’t one of those games that are so old that you couldn’t even imagine wanting to play them at this time (think: GTA San Andreas). The graphics may seem to start off butthole-y, but you’ll soon adjust. Trust me. If you like the storyline of the other Zero games, then you MUST play this game.

The only absolute downside to the game is that you have to replay EVERY puzzle to reach the multiple endings. I cannot express how sick I was of seeing the starting Junpei room as I was near completion. Blechhhh. Thankfully, you can super skip through the dialogue, and definitely thankfully they fixed that issue in the other games.