Elisa Lam


The mystery of Elisa Lam and her death involves a ton of creepy conspiracy theories and ideas, least of all to mention the hotel that she’d been staying at, the Hotel Cecil. If you haven’t heard of Hotel Cecil, I suggest that you look it up now before reading on. It was the home of a few serial killers, the site of many murders and suicides, and, most recently, served as the inspiration for the latest season of American Horror Story, American Horror Story: Hotel. I’m not going to discuss the Hotel Cecil or any of the conspiracy theories, I won’t even discuss the tuberculosis outbreak and the Lam-Elisa relation thing, although you can look up that fun and seriously odd (barely) coincidence if you please.I’m just going to talk about Elisa Lam and this creepy ass case.

First, if you haven’t already, you should watch the last video footage of her alive, taken from a surveillance camera in the elevator apparently taken just before her death. You can watch it on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQcTuTXpj3c Warning: The footage is pretty bizarre, and you should watch it a few times over, because it’s pretty fucking weird and confusing.

Elisa Lam was a young woman on vacation, staying at the Hotel Cecil when she disappeared. She was found dead weeks after her disappearance, after patrons of the hotel complained of their tap water tasting odd. Elisa’s body was found inside of the water tank on the roof. How did she end up there? The only roof access doors were locked and contained an alarm that would sound if the doors were somehow opened, and the water tanks were massively huge, nearly impossible to access.


I’m watching the video again as I’m writing this, and it’s still creepy. I’ll summarize the video here: She first gets on the elevator and it looks like she pushes four different floor buttons, and the way that she bends over I at first thought that she was intoxicated or something. She then moves to a back corner in the elevator and waits some time, but the doors don’t close, and after a few moments she steps tentatively towards the door and then suddenly lunges out of the door, looking around as though someone were following her.


She steps back in quickly and then presses her back against the wall, out of view of the door as though she were scared, then steps close to the corner of the elevator with the buttons as though she were further trying to hide herself. Then, she slowly moves towards the door and peeks out of the corner, glancing around before stepping out into the hallway. Then comes the super weird part.


She steps apart in a pretty awkward fashion, looking down the hallway, then brings her legs together, then steps back into the elevator, then out again and moves off to the left of the elevator door (from the camera’s perspective). She moves out of view for a bit but you can still see her arm and leg showing up on the camera. She lifts her arm up in the air, bends it at the elbow as if she were scratching the back of her head, but keeps it that way for a long while. When she gets back on the elevator, it looks like she had both hands on the back of her head and she’s slowly letting them down, and she bends down and begins to press every single floor button, maybe more than once.



For some reason after pressing the buttons, she again exits the elevator and moves to the left side, and then the super weird shit starts happening. She turns to her right and it looks like she’s talking to someone, and her hands start moving in creepy ways. See the 1:58 time stamp in the video, or look at the screenshots I took below. The quality super sucks, though, so I suggest watching the video.


She then starts to make what looks like weird hand signs, bending her knees and straightening, then lifting her hands to her head again and walking out of sight of the camera. She doesn’t reappear, but the creepy thing is that just moments after she walks away, the elevator doors close. And then, a few seconds later, they reopen, and then close again. This happens a few times as the elevator apparently visits each floor that Elisa pushed the buttons for. What’s super odd is: Why would the doors close soon after she walked away, but didn’t close as she was inside of the elevator?

Please, just watch the video and let me know your thoughts on this, as I am still super obsessed after three years.