Darkness Falls (2003)

IMDB Rating: 4.9/10

My Rating: Ehhhh, too young to tell. 6?

Darkness Falls was one of the first horror movies that I had ever watched, and at the tender age of 11 it scared the living shit out of me. Masks and/or creepy distorted faces are among the top scariest things for me, and I partially contribute that fear to Darkness Falls. The night that I watched it, I remember waking up from a nightmare terrified, seeing my sliding closet door and thinking she was about to pop out at any second, and so I scrambled from my bunk bed to my Aunt’s room, thinking that the woman would be around every corner, and ended up watching Howard Stern for hours in my Aunt’s arms, feeling like a baby but comforted by her presence.


The movie has a generic plot of a pissed off spirit taking the form of the tooth fairy, and if you look at her or something, then she’ll kill you. Apparently the town lynched her a few hundred years ago, and this is how she takes revenge. I don’t know, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve watched the movie. Anyways, a little boy sees her and survives somehow, then grows up and comes across another child whose about to deal with her.

I suppose I should rewatch it before writing a review but whatever, the plot doesn’t matter for this review. All that matters is that creepy ass face that gave me nightmares. The smooth, porcelain mask haunted me pretty badly, and when they finally revealed the scary ass burned face beneath, well, needless to say it was terrifying.


And then the awful scenes that came after.


If you’ve got time, give it a watch just for the creeper value, but don’t expect an awesome storyline. just a super creepy face.