About me. Where to start?

I love anything and everything horror. I’m a sucker for it. I’ve seen all of the horror movies available on Netflix, Hulu, random download apps, you name it. Anything from about the mid-2000’s on, I’ve seen it. I’ve recently ventured into podcasts since I don’t have much time to read, and that’s been a serious lifesaving passion of mine. If you know me, I’ve almost certainly told you to tune in. If I haven’t, that means that I don’t know you, and I should now begin to wonder how you somehow came into contact with me.

I have too many cats. I am only saved from being a “crazy cat lady” because of the super loving incredible heartthrob known as my other half, I’ll just call him Awesome-Badass-Patient-McLovin-San until I have his permission to publish his name online. That dude is so encouraging and supportive, it’s near the point of ridiculousness. “Follow your dreams”, “You’re truly an expert on the subject, try it out!”, “If you think it’ll work, do it!”, “You’re the greatest babe, everyone will see that!”, “Buy those 10 domain names, I know you’re skilled enough, follow through with it!”. Seriously. He’s the greatest.

I love that dude, and food, and my cats, and video games, and, of course, anything involving horror.